English – Part IX

English Part IX

Hello friends! – Today I’m presenting you the final part of my ‚Interview-Question-Thing‘ with some more, possibly tricky, questions. Here they are:

What are your goals? – Not having any …. or having only vague generalities in mind, might be a trap, so be aware and prepared for this question.

If you’re vague about your career and personal goals, it could be a big turnoff. So be ready to discuss your goals for each major area of your life: career, personal development, family… and describe each goal in terms of specific milestones you wish to accomplish along the way. Mention, why the goal is important to you, but keep it short.

‘The Salary Question’ – How much money do you want? – Handle this question carefully, remembering these guidelines:

– Never bring up salary. Let the interviewer do it first.

– If your interviewer raises the salary question too early, before you’ve had a chance to create desire for your qualifications, postpone the question, saying something like: ”Money is important to me, but it is not my main concern. What I’d rather do, if you don’t mind, is explore if I’m right for the position, and then talk about the money. ..”

– The No 1 rule of any negotiation is, the side with more information usually wins. After you’ve done a thorough job of selling the interviewer and it’s time to talk salary, the secret is to get the employer talking about what he’s willing to pay before you reveal what you’re willing to accept. So, when asked about salary, respond by asking: ”I’m sure the company has already established a salary for this position. I trust you’ll be fair with me. Could you tell me what that is?”

– Know in advance what you would accept. To know what’s reasonable, research the job market and this position for any relevant salary information.

Let’s finish this topic at this point – next time I am going to present you some other interesting job-news! Looking forward to you! Bye! – Renate

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