English – Part VIII

English Part VIII

Hello friends, today we are continuing our topic with some more essential questions which might occur in the situation of a job interview. They might run as follows:

Why have you had so many jobs? (if this is the case) – Be aware that your interviewer fears you may leave this position quickly, as you have others. He is concerned you may be unstable, or a “problem” person who cannot get along with others. However, be careful not to blame other people for your frequent changes. Show that your job changes were frequent, while you were establishing yourself, rounding out your skills and looking for the right career path. At this stage in your career, you are certainly much more interested in the best long-term opportunity.

If the opposite is true for you, and you have been with your firm a long time, you might be asked:

Won’t it be hard switching to a new company? – Probably your interviewer is worried that you will find it hard to learn new tricks. To overcome this objection, you must point out to the many ways you have grown and adapted to changing conditions at your present firm. Highlight the different responsibilities you’ve held, the wide array of new situations you’ve faced and conquered. As a result, you’ve learned to adapt quickly to whatever is thrown at you, and you thrive on the stimulation of new challenges. Furthermore, you could describe the similarities between the new position and your prior one, and that your skills make a perfect match.

Another tricky way to get you to admit weaknesses, is the question

Where could you use some improvement? – Keep this answer positive. A good way to answer this is to identify cutting-edge branch of your profession (one that’s not essential to your employer’s needs) as an area you’re very excited about and want to explore more fully over the next six months.

How many hours a week do you normally work? – You’d better not give a specific number, decide as follows: If you are in fact a workaholic and you sense this company would like that: Say you are a confirmed workaholic, that you often work nights and weekends. Your family accepts this because it makes you fulfilled.

If you are not a workaholic: Say you have always worked hard and put in long hours. It goes with the territory. In one sense, it’s hard to keep track of the hours because your work is what you enjoy and you like solving problems. Thus, you’re almost always thinking about your work ….. .

I’m looking forward meeting you on my next blog! Bye for now! Renate

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