English – Part XII

Hello friends, welcome back to our blog! – you feel like knowing more about job-interviews?

If yes, you should read on now!

In the last few blogs you have read some useful tips for making your job-interview a successful one. Did you know that research indicates that about 65 % of the time, the hired employee meets fewer than 50 % of the job qualifications. How can this be?

The reason is because job offers are given most frequently to those candidates who, regardless of formal qualifications, sell themselves best, intimidate least and listen the most.

Hence, the most essential task in your interview can be summarized as follows: find out what people want, then show them how to get it. No matter which question your interviewer asks you, you should give but a brief answer, and get back to this strategy of uncovering his greatest want. Applying this is not necessarily easy. You have to practice it to feel comfortable and natural with it. You must, absolutely must, get him talking about his needs before you talk about how you can fulfil those needs.

An excellent way to get the ball rolling is to ask questions such as, “What would your highest expectations be for the person who gets this job?” Or, “Why is the position open?”…..

Give the interviewer what he or she is emotionally seeking most. And that is safety, a reduction of the risks that hiring you represents. And how do you do that?

Just try to give your best to meet three criteria:

  1. You are qualified to do the job.
  2. You are motivated to do the job.
  3. You are “their kind of person.”

So much for today, see you on my next blog! Bye, Renate.

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