English – Part II

English Part II

Hello again!

A job interview ahead? Fantastic! – Then you probably might be interested in the following tips applicants should be aware of.

It is important to remember that it’s not just WHAT you say that counts, but it’s also HOW you say it. During the interview the managers try to judge your fitness for the job, creativity, ability to think on your feet, emotional intelligence, and attitude. Thus will make your tone of voice and body language indicators which are watched closely. Job interviews can be extremely nervous affairs, however, keep in mind: just fake it till you make it! No company wants to hire someone who lacks confidence.

Discussing salary in an early stage of the interview process might create the image you are only here for the money, whereas potential employers are looking for people who align with their mission and values. So you’d better speak about money after or at the end of the interview.

Don’t talk about YOUR needs, try to work our what you can do to help fulfill THEIR needs and what you can do to contribute to the company’s success. Definitely do not say that you really need this job due to your current circumstances. This might flag you as someone who’s just seeking a job, not a long-term career.

Negative language, especially when you speak about your previous or current boss could have bad consequences. Even when you’re invited to speak about him or her, remember that this might be a test to find out if you could bad-mouth anyone in the future! Be careful and don’t forget:

Good preparation is the key to success in job interviews.

Good luck and bye for now! Renate



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